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How to dress True Religion Outlet punk

Develop something to rebel against.Anything you hate in the world, rebel against it.This is way more important than the clothes.You can be a true original punk and not have all the cool clothes-The clothes don’t mean anything, just a way of identification.Doc martens, converse, any t shirt will work.To give it a more do it yourself look you can cut it up and do whatever.

Girls-Black skinny jeans, leopard print skirts and skinny jeans, bullet stud belts too, band tees that you can cut the shoulders off to give it a cool look and put safety pins on them.Converse and doc martens would work.

Don’t worry about if what you do is punk.That will make you a poser.

Don’t care about what people think about you!

Do not ever listen to any negative comments to bring you down, they’re just telling you that trash because their life sucks and they’re really insecure.

Hit some cool thrift shops Cheap True Religion Jeans and buy a bunch of old clothes there and cut them up-Be do it yourself!

Just be yourself-Most importantly!

If you don’t like the way you look, change it.If you don’t like mohawks, don’t get one, if you don’t like leather jackets with spikes, don’t wear one.Its all about doing what you want, not what people think about you.

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How True Religion Outlet to dress swag

If you are a girl swag may be hard to find. (For your type)(1)Wear sweatpants, gym shorts, booty shorts. (2)Wear any shirt you.Examples:Tanks, strapless, t-Shirts(Especially branded shirts like adidas or aeropostale something like that. (3)Wear snapbacks or hoodies anything that will give you a bit of *swag* or *style but i dont like to use the word style that much. (4)And if you want to see photos of girls dressing with *swag or style just go to this link.Tank tops of any kind, half tops with crop tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, graphic tees.Usually if you’re wearing tight pants you don’t want to wear a tight shirt though.Leather jackets and letterman jackets are in for outerwear.Brands like nike, osiris, adidas, converse, dc, etc are popular for kicks.High top shoes or wrestling style shoes are the way to go.Bright colors, all black, contrasting, animal prints.Go wild with your shoes.59FIFTY is the legitimate brand, and the trend is to leave the large gold sticker on to prove that it’s legitimate.Although it may look dumb, it’s what works.Huge gold or silver hoop earrings, dog tags, chains, bangles, and any other jewelry is considered swag.Purples, bright reds, black, bleach blonde, and blues are cool.More natural colors are okay too, but they are less effective.Straight, curly, braided, any way you want to wear your hair is fine.Short, medium, long hair.Belly button rings, lip rings, nose rings, cartilage piercings, and double ear piercings look really good.Music, origins, dance, people, etc.Don’t just listen to one artist and think you’re a hip hop fanatic.Youtube is a great place to find new music and amazing songs.True swag girls know why nicki minaj and lil kim have beef.You should know who slim shady is.You should know where True Religion Mens Jeans hip hop came from.Some artists you could try are:Nicki minaj, lil mama, eminem, lil wayne, tyga, 50 cent, drake, ludacris, ciara, wiz khalifa, 2chainz, kid ink, ect.

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